TürkTraktör Grows in the First Quarter18

2014 in 60. Celebrating its age Turkey TürkTraktör leading company in the agricultural sector, it has announced its year 2014 xnumx'inc quarter financial results.
In the 2013 year of 2014, TürkTraktör increased the sales of 1 by 25.
At the end of March 2014, TürkTraktör paid 300 million TL dividends and is among the first 10 companies to make the most dividends among Borsa İstanbul companies.
Profitability ratios and EBITDA margin were in parallel with the first quarter of 2013, while the gross profit for the period was 125 million TL, while the net profit was TL 69.
Istanbul April 25, 2014 - The name of the leader of Turkey's agriculture sector TürkTraktör, announced first quarter 2014 financial results. In accordance with 2014 units sold in the first two months of 2, TSI according to traffic records Turkey tractor market grew by 5.681%.
Turkey's largest tractor producer and TürkTraktör underlining that they are the clear market leader General Manager Marco Vota: "In the arid months after last January's rainfall has caused a positive effect in March. With the help of financial opportunities, government support and the IPARD project, 2013 started to evolve in the second half of 1. we see that it continues in the quarter. 25 increase in our domestic tractor sales compared to the first quarter of last year was also reflected in the turnover. Our turnover increased by 18 and amounted to 595 million TL. We have started our sales in the new construction machinery sector and will continue to increase in the future. The performance we exhibited is also appreciated by foreign investors. Our foreign share in public shares reached% 82 Halka.
1954 started the journey in 60. TürkTraktör celebrated its first year, and the profitability ratios and the EBITDA margin in the first quarter of 2014 were in parallel with the first quarter of 2013. While the gross profit of TürkTraktör is 125 million TL, the net profit has been 69 million TL. At the end of March 2014, TürkTraktör, which paid 50 million TL dividends with an increase of 300 compared to last year, is among the first 10 companies to make the most dividends among Borsa İstanbul companies.

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