Turkey - Georgia Railway Construction Work

📩 30/11/2018 12:24

Turkey - Georgia Railway Construction Work: Our country with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Central Asian history by ensuring uninterrupted railway link between Turkey and the Republic of reviving the Silk Road

in order to improve the economic and cultural cooperation between countries.

• Total 10.600 m. 11 Pieces Drilling Tunnel
• Total 14.820 m. 18 Piece Open-close Tunnel
• 28 Piece Grilles
• 15 Piece Underpass
560 m. the length of the viaduct.
• The 13 meter-length Open-Close Tunnel between the 16 and 3.259 mines is completed.
• The 24 meter Open and Close Tunnel at 25 and 618 kms is completed.
• 27 (225) span viaducted raft concrete production at 7 was completed and (4) standing elevation concrete production continues.
• Approximately 33 meters of the 34 meters Open and Close Tunnel at the 1.702 and 1.351 of the route have been completed.
• The 39 meter-wide Open-Close Tunnel between the 41 and 1.972 kms is completed.
• The 42 meter-long Open-Close Tunnel between 43 and 957 is completed.
• The 45 meter of the 46 meter-long Open-Close Tunnel between the 968 and 810 mines is completed.
• In the 67 meter tunnel located at 2.898 km, excavation was completed and 969 mt-coated concrete was manufactured.
• In the 70 meter tunnel located at the 1.052 km, excavation and coating concrete production was completed.
• In addition to the excavation works at the 2.380 meter long border tunnel located on the border with Georgia, 2.177 meter coating concrete works were completed.
• In the 427 meter-long Emergency Escape Tunnel, all other works have been completed except for the coating concrete.

Turkey side of 79 km., While the Georgian side 29 km. long.
until today in Turkey in the construction side it is provided 78% physical realization.

Project Start Date: 1999
Planned Finish Date of the Project: 2015
Project Cost: 1.247.976.000 TL

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