TRT Publishing History Museum Wagon in Kayseri

TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon In Kayseri: TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon TRT's 50. The anniversary of the establishment came to Kayseri.

Some of the TRT's 50th anniversary of the artifacts on display in the Museum of Broadcasting TRT in Ankara, Turkey appeared to be placed into the round of TCDD wagons. In this context, Communication Faculty students showed great interest in the TRT Publishing Museum wagon, which also came to Kayseri. It was included in the carriage of the camera and studio equipment used in the first years of TRT, and also in the items used in the TV series that continue broadcasting in TRT.

TRT Planning Manager İskender Özbay, who gave information about the wagon, said, um Our museum wagon has a publishing history museum in Ankara. Due to the high interest rate of our organization this year 50. It's a wagon we've arranged to have a year. We set off from Izmir. We are traveling around 20 and we have the last route to Edirne, like the 13 of May. We start with our Atatürk corner within our wagon. We have a radio studio and we can get a radio drama in this studio. In TRT, we have a studio where we can use a virtual studio and a normal studio for broadcasting. Finally, there is a section of TRT's costumes used in the series T.


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