Trambus Maintenance Station Tender 21 in April

Trambus Maintenance Station Tender 21 in April: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality will carry out the tender for the trambus maintenance station on April in 21.

According to information obtained, electric-powered buses, known as the trambus system, the maintenance station for the maintenance of these vehicles were reported by the municipality.

For the maintenance and repair of the Trambuses, a station will be established in an area behind the Malatya Intercity Bus Operation (MAŞTİ) and it will be announced by the Municipality Support Services Directorate that the tender will be held on April April at Beydağı Hall of Metropolitan Municipality Building. It is stated that the station is to be completed within 21 days after the delivery of the place.

The first stage of Malatya - Elazığ highway MAŞTİ and İnönü University between the month of June is expected to begin to serve in the case of the trambusten yield, the second stage will be implemented in the city center Inonu Street.

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