Tractors Drive Around Like Death Machines

Tractors are traveling like death machines: Tractors threatening traffic safety of highways, are experiencing a difficult time at the intersections where traffic is the most intense in Elazığ.
In Elazığ, it was difficult for the drivers to carry the load and warning plate on a tractor that was in the course of Çadıra Junction adjacent to the ring road connection. Road Traffic Safety Association and Advanced Driving Techniques Expert Khalil Saddler, due to accidents caused by tractor lost their lives in Turkey, he said the average 300 people each year worldwide. Sarac, ı 2 tractor accident occurs in the average 500 thousand in our country every year, and in these accidents, our average 300 citizens are losing their lives. According to the statistics of the General Directorate of Security, it is seen that the driver defects encountered in tractor accidents do not comply with the return rules, do not obey the priority of crossings and crossovers, and that the speed of the vehicle is not adjusted according to the weather and traffic situation. According to statistics, another reason for accidents is that they do not have regular maintenance and inspections of tractors. In terms of vehicle-related accidents except the driver's fault, the reason for the 66 is the lack of headlight and light equipment in the tractors, defects in moving parts, brake and tire problems. According to the information received from TÜVTÜRK, these defects, the vehicle is most frequently observed in trains in parallel with the severe defects are shown in the expressions TÜ.
C Inspection leakage tractors are endangering the lives of thousands of drivers and passengers in traffic every day, un said Saraç, who described the tractors as a killing machine. There are many legal sanctions not to have a tractor inspection. Traffic control can be arranged for vehicles that are found to be free from road traffic, and these vehicles can be blocked from traffic. Traffic teams in our province to go on this issue by increasing the control of the district roads and village connection roads, the so-called killing machine of the problematic tractors must be strictly prohibited from traffic and the passengers need to ensure the safety of traffic, "he said.



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