Strong Advertising Attack from Total Quartz Engine Oils

📩 24/11/2018 12:01

Strong Advertising Attack by Total Quartz Engine Oils: Total, the world's 5th largest energy company, will be launching the power, performance and quality values ​​of TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Oils, which are approved by many leading vehicle manufacturers in the world, on mineral oils. It is preparing to present it to consumers with its stunning TV, Radio and Digital advertisements.
TOTAL Lubricants is active in the automotive, industrial, transport, agriculture, construction and marine sectors in more than 150 countries around the world.
TOTAL Lubricants, bringing together the product with more than 2 million tons annually, are very ambitious in the production of new generation mineral oils which are compatible with the nature preserving technologies and emphasize energy and fuel saving.
Total Mineral Oils, with its high capacity in this field, is also carrying out joint R & D studies with the world's leading vehicle and motor manufacturers, and it is always the leader in the field of motorsport where technology is most used (such as WRC, Formula-1, MotoGP, Endurance and Rally Raid). struggle.
Turkey lube oil industry has over the years 15 Total which operates Lubricants, continued its steady growth in the market of intense competition, Turkey's leading mineral oil with a market share of over 11% firms have succeeded in joining.
It is at the top of the sector with a market share of over% 20 with TOTAL and ELF brands, which are the most prestigious segment of the sector, pay passenger car engine oils Özellikle.
One of the areas where Total Mineral Oils has been the most successful in the last few years is the cooperation with vehicle manufacturers. This area Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Renault in addition to Trucks with almost half a century the ladder rests his collaborations, Mazda, Nissan Turkey, DAF Torsen, CLAAS Agricultural Machinery and Hitachi engages in construction and successful collaborations.
Total Mineral Oils provides the first filling products of brands such as Renault, Fiat, Hyundai, Ford and Temsa which are the leading companies of Turkish automotive manufacturing sector and maintains its leadership in this field.
Total Mineral Oil plans to introduce the latest technology Total Quartz Engine Oils, which are produced as a product of all experiences and collaborations, to consumers in TV-Radio and Digital Platforms as of April with a pleasant advertising campaign.
Outstanding features Total Quartz engine is an engine that uses oil as roboquartz return entertaining from 04 advertising campaign with 2014 April Total, which will attract the attention of consumers from many national TV and radio channels Lubricants, Turkey's all around fuel stations and with doing that field activities in industry also plans to support the campaign.


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