Vine gardens in Istanbul

Hanging gardens of Istanbul: It is as polite as it is typical, the seagulls looking for the bagels thrown from the ferries of the City Lines and the th

Istanbul's postcards, perhaps the fear that we will be lost values ​​geler These images sound very touristy, is not it? It is clear that the people of Istanbul, who had fallen into a bakery fight, did not belong to the landscape they see every day.

It is true that this is not the truth of Istanbul in the last five years. Well, what? Of course the Metrobus. It is even a fact that thousands of people who have developed a strategy to find a place to sit in Metrobus, who have not been able to board a ferry or even have seen ferries for months, will find a place in Zincirlikuyu.

The life of Beylikdüzü and Sogutlucesme is not the least. We want to show ğ real çözül problems to find solutions and to witness that they are solved together. We also ask you to know that we are objective. We are not praised and praised Marmaray, which offers a more modern and humanitarian transportation, in these pages. Even though we cannot say that its stations are valuable in terms of design, it is a perfect transportation means despite everything. Maybe competitions will be opened in the future and Marmaray's stations will have a designed identity.

According to Marmaray, Metrobus is a bad solution. However, while the transportation of Istanbul was bad, the Metrobus came to be like medicine. At the moment, there is no cheap and efficient alternative to replace. It's like smacking someone into a shock and getting her to come and get her some. If he doesn't have to, he won't slap anybody, right?

How would you tell us that traveling to a British or French couple of tourists you encounter by chance at Metrobüs is the best for Istanbul? Are you saying that in China every morning the subway car is pushing the passengers with their hands and knees outside the doors of the subway car, that Tokyo is more crowded, or that the 200 person boarded a truck in India? There is no cure, in the tourist books describing Istanbul, Metrobus should say that morning and work are not suitable for tourists.

The subject of this article is that neither Marmaray, Metrobus nor our third elected mayor said, "Dr. Despite the title of “Architect”, it is not how he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in two years or his master's degree was never mentioned. Our main subject is the hanging gardens on the edges of the ring road where Metrobus works. We assure you on behalf of our municipality and our president that those flowers are “real”. The question of the "real or plastic" principality, which is a ritual among the passengers in Metrobus, reduces the boring of the journey to some extent. It is not necessary to tire the readers in terms of semiotics (semiotics), so let's ask our questions without giving much academic knowledge. What difference do these flowers have if they are plastic? Or why isn't it plastic? Maybe they can be considered more environmentally friendly because they are not wasted water and there is no need for maintenance, although they are plastic. It is almost impossible to smell, touch and feel the joy of being a real flower. Because you are passing by a certain speed at the nearest 20-30 meters away. The carbon dioxide value on the highway is so high that it is not possible for the small flowers to clear the air. What are those “shape” concerns? The shape of the plane near the airport… With the depiction of the Bosphorus Bridge, you will pass over the truth a little later, “Istanbul” writing… How beautiful, thanks to this, we do not confuse in which city we are. Others have strange graphic sequences, such as subjecting passengers to general skill testing. Forcing flowers to be yellow dark blue near FB Stadium.

In addition, the irrigation system was established and the pipes are hanging on the gray concrete with a little waist hanging around the flowers. More and more, these flowers are brightly lit every night. Who says flowers are more aesthetic at night? We import and burn gas from Russia, we are burning, we evaporate the water, the steam coming out, the special turbines are turned and we produce electricity with such a superior inefficiency. We spend the electricity production on the concrete wall at the motorway side, on the concrete wall at the side of the highway, to show us the shape flowers in the shape shape flowers at night.

However, knowing that, if a popular vote is made, the Metrobus traveler is satisfied with these flowers. 30 March we saw that close to half of Istanbul is satisfied with the situation. Even if we say that the flowers are like the way the party in the administration is managing the country, the flowers are vertical, we become parallel. Forgive the error if the accent. Ve Expensive, temporary and more vital problems, as they stand, they seek form ve analogy.

While the result from the ballot is going to be deaf to criticism, but let us document more vital problems than hanging flowers. Metrobüs has big usage problems at all stops, especially at Zincirlikuyu Station. More humanly, we need to figure out how to get down to the Metrobus. The simplest of those who want to travel by sitting, the passengers willing to go to the ride without interfering should be provided that no one should push each other. As much as we have, all our money, all of our labor and time should be spent on the creation of stops, such as the man who will allow for a safe and canonical landing. As you pass the Metrobus road in the vicinity of Topkapı, you wonder what the steel round is on your hill? This is the platform for the return of buses. It was very difficult to turn the million dollar metrobus from that narrow platform and there was a lot of accident. The li freak ası platform is still in use and is costly to be demolished, at least done. Who gave the account of this mistake, or gave, we ask for the account of flowers spent.

In the motorway side, often leafy, curtain noise, more effective and cheaper to clean air plants are used. OK, landscaping is important, it is everyone's right to see an attentive highway edge, but what is going on when you spend unlimited money on these vertical blossoms at a blind eye to brighten your finger at night? Instead of putting such meaning into the flowers, artists can be put to work on these concrete walls. Thanks to these studies, spaces are identified. Even when you're headed off at the Metrobus, even if you don't interfere with art, you can understand the original details and know where you are. How about if we feel the same in Istanbul instead of envying their transportation system in London, France and Prague?

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