TCV's next stop is Busworld 2014

The next stop of TCV Busworld 2014: TCV, which has been developed by Turkish engineers and offers efficient solutions to the public transportation sector thanks to its innovative products, continues on its way with the latest technology buses it produces. The current stop of TCV buses is Busworld Turkey 2014. TCV, 5th Bus Industry and Sub-Industry International Specialization Fair will exhibit 2014 meters Karat CNG and 12 meters Karat Diesel models preferred by public and private bus operators in Busworld Turkey 10.7.
24-27 TCV buses meet the public transport sector in Busworld Turkey, which will be held in Istanbul (CNR) Exhibition Center between April 2014. Percent 100 is designed by Turkish engineers and Bozankaya TCV buses produced at Ankara facilities take innovative steps with fuel saving, high passenger capacity, safety, passenger and driver comfort. Exhibition Hall 2 - will take place in 17 TCV, Turkey providing the minimum fuel consumption and will showcase the most carat CNG buses with passenger capacity of 10.7 meter diesel vehicle.
TCV Karat GNG, which meets all expectations in CNG technology, which is preferred all over the world with its advantages of being safe, environmentally and economically, stands out with its low fuel consumption. TCV Karat CNG buses provide safe and comfortable transportation for drivers and passengers, as well as low operating costs. 12 meter-long TCV Carat CNG has a high carrying capacity with total 27 passengers standing 72, sitting in the 99. With its low base, TCV Karat CNG is designed to enable passengers with physical disabilities to travel safely and comfortably in terms of both in-vehicle circulation and ease of landing and boarding. Karat Diesel is also preferred because it combines all the advantages of TCV with the power of Diesel engine.
Bozankaya General Manager Aytunç Günay said before the fair; “With our Karat CNG and Diesel buses, we meet both the efficiency and savings expectations of local authorities and private bus companies in the best way. Our buses offer a comfortable journey for both drivers and passengers and ensure a significant reduction in operating costs. All of our work is a step towards becoming a global brand as a Turkish bus manufacturer. In this sense, we see the road we have taken very successful. We will take much bigger steps with our new investments. We will increase our capacity with a new production facility that we plan to establish in Ankara. ”

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