TCDD's Derince Port to tender again

TCDD's Derince Port is going out to tender again: Regarding the tender of Aksu Derince Port, Deputy Chairman of the Privatization Administration said, “After the tender, which was canceled in January, it was decided to organize a new tender again.

In the statement made by Ahmet Aksu, Vice President of the Privatization Administration, he informed that a new tender will be made for Derince Port in April this month.

A total of six companies participated in the first privatization tender for Kocaeli Derince Port, which belongs to TCDD. Immediately after the elimination of the three bidders in the tender, the auction process was started and the increase was starting as 516 million dollars. The companies that were related to the auction start numbers had problems by the companies and the remaining three companies were withdrawn at the same time.

Derince Harbor in the manufacturing industry in Turkey after Istanbul belonging to the railway company connected to the city known as the most advanced in Kocaeli, Istanbul and is seen as one of Turkey's most important export and import gate with its proximity to Bursa.

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