TCDD cannot find subcontractors

TCDD can not find subcontractors that work: TCDD, who wants to get rid of the cases filed by workers, can not find most of the companies at their addresses T

Notice and severance pay, leave, overtime and can not get their wages Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), contract workers and employees, opened in TCDD 2012 527 cases.

While the sum of the cases amounted to 6.2 million TL, the workers in the resulting 211 case won 1.5 million TL compensation. Ongoing 361 railroads to cancel the contract with the subcontractor companies agreed to get rid of the case, most of the companies appearing on paper could not find the address.

The Court of Auditors' Report on the Year of the TCDD 2012 'TCDD' s employees as well as the prosecution, the use of the tools of the institution did not show the necessary care.

Examining the cases filed by subcontracted workers, the Court of Auditors also determined that if the vehicles are used economically in TCDD, the public will get rid of the loss of 27 million TL.

According to the TCDD 2012 Year Report, which was discussed in the Parliamentary Assembly of the SAI, the subcontractors working on the railways could not get their severance and severance pay, allowance, overtime and fees. The 6.2 lawsuit was filed against the Railways with an amount of 527 million TL. On 361, the 211 continued to pay 1.5 million TL.

TCDD who wanted to get rid of the remaining cases wanted to cancel the contract with the subcontractors agreed, but could not find most of the companies shown on the paper at the address they gave.

The Court of Accounts (TCA), which determined that the railroads did not properly control the contracted contractors, emphasized that special trainings should be given to the personnel for the audits of the companies.

In addition, the railroads, as well as subcontracted workers, also appeared to have sued their staff due to working conditions. The result of the 273 case opened by the machinists who cannot get the actual service hike is expected.


TCDD is obliged to pay compensation to its staff due to the agreements it has made.

According to the report of the Court of Accounts, the fuel cost of the vehicles in the railroad is 536 million TL. However, there are differences between these vehicles in terms of fuel costs. Some vehicles save 5 on the right side as a result of correct use, some of them do not pay attention and the railways are damaged by fuel. According to the report, if necessary inspection is performed on the railways, 5 will be saved in the expenses of diesel and the public budget will be saved from the damage of 27 million TL.




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