The construction of the historic derby is underway

The construction of the historical Deresiol is underway: The 140 in Ordu is designed as a way to connect the Black Sea to the Central Anatolia Region during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz, but the cost is high. construction is under way.
A large part of the 'Dereyolu', which was built by Turkish engineers and was turned into a national project under the name of 'Black Sea-Mediterranean Road', was completed by the former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources M. Hilmi Güler.
The shortest road to connect the Black Sea to Central Anatolia, thanks to the historic Dereyolu, the 112 and 52 kilometers, which is still full of dangerous bends, the 60 mileage will shorten the mileage will fall to 3.5. In addition, the 1.5 hour, the Mesudiye-Ordu route will be taken to the XNUMX hour.
Highways 7. Regional Director Mehmet Cetin, said that the construction of Dereyolu 5 separate phase is continuing. 1. Çetin said that the 13 km between Ordu and Uzunisa was completed and put into service in 2010, and that 2 km 15 km 15.etap will be completed by the end of this year. Çetin, iyad 6 km long projected on the route 2 259 370 km length tunnel, 130 meter viaduct is available. The total cost of 2014 million pounds will be completed in the XNUMX of the itinerary Toplam.
3. Çet, who reminded that the 20 km road from Top of HEPPs to Topçam Dam to Topçam Dam has been done by DSİ before being transferred to General Directorate of Highways, said:'lik There are 6 pieces with 757 xNUMX km with a total length of 13 km. The shortcomings in the road will be made within the scope of the tender for the Topçam-Mesudiye road Y.
4. Stating that the road between Pınarlı-Topçam and Pınarlı-Topçam has been expanded without project by DSİ and that they have increased the width of the road to 10 meters, Çetin said: yol There are 2 pieces of 2 bin 608 m length tunnel in the project. The cost of the project is 41 million pounds and the work is not completed within the scope of the discovery of the tender is required. X
In the meantime, as an alternative to the road beneath the Topçam Dam Lake, XIUMX meters wide road made by DSI was brought to the superstructure level. The route was tender at 8 meters wide. There are 2011 meters tunnel within the project. Proje
On the other hand, in the land purchase study on the route of Dereyolu, the Sivasites are acting early. Sivaslılar, especially around the Topçam Dam Lake, Dereyolu different routes of land bought a large proportion. Ordu Governor Kenan Çiftçi stated that the Black Sea-Mediterranean road will become an attractive area in the future and pointed out that there is an increase in the number of Sivaslı who want to make a yacht on the route. Governor Farmer, "Right now around the 300 parcel only sold to the people of Sivas and how they are looking for investment," he said.
In the year of 2004, the construction of the road, which was started to carry the turbine, snail and other parts necessary for the energy production of Topçam Dam to be carried out in a healthy way, but then the former Energy Minister Hilmi Güler completed a part of the road and transferred the rest to the General Directorate of Highways, history.
On the way to Ordu-Sivas, the transportation is done under difficult conditions and the peaks of high altitude mountains, and in winter it closes frequently. Then, between 1873-1885 and the engineer Çıngıryan Efendi, the road cannot go further than a preliminary examination. In the 1890, the journey initiated by the Commander of the War of War, Şevki Efendi once again brought into the agenda, intervening in Tripoli, Balkan, 1908. The world and the War of Independence are in the background during the years.
Dereyolu is being redesigned in 1926-1928 after the establishment of the Republic. The day's Army Governor Ali Kemal Aksüt in December of the 1929 part of the route started by Ordu, is laid the foundation of a ceremony held in the Çavuşoğlu strait. However, the studies are stopped since 1933 due to route discussions. After that, the road does not come up for a long time. Although the road has been revived in the 1950 years during the Adnan Menderes government's investment moves, it is not considered as an immediate investment.
In the 1970 's coming to the agenda again Dereyolu'a against NATO this time. In the period of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union to share the world with NATO, NATO is able to make it possible for the tanks to reach the Central Black Sea from the Black Sea in a Soviet occupation. 45 1992 year after the result of the intervening 2003 in the period of the Governor of the period in the period of the Army Governor Sami Seçkin laid the ground, the group can not go beyond the scope of the village road. In 500, the project is re-considered with the efforts of Energy Minister Hilmi Güler to ensure the transportation of dams within the scope of the Army Project, in which the 5 dam and the 11 dam are projected. During the intervening XNUMX year, the road reached a stage of completion, except for the route between Topçam and Mesudiye.



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