Social Facilities Metrobus stop

Social Facilities Move the Metrobus stop: Traffic is heavy and tiring in every part of the city, but there are some places that are weary… For example, Avcılar… There is a nerve-racking traffic on both E-5 and the side road, especially in the morning and evening hours. And some erroneous regulations have a significant share in this traffic. Want an example? Welcome to the Social Facilities Metrobus Stop ...


The lake (north) leg of the overpass leading to the station sits right in the middle of the road. This foot, built in the middle of the north side road, reduces the traffic from 2 lanes to 1 lane, and naturally, it gets messy. You see it in the photo… On the side road, traffic flows in one lane, more precisely, it tries to flow. Of course, think about the evening hours… It is not difficult to predict what a great chaos to be experienced… Here, the inhabitants of the neighborhood, who find themselves in the midst of a tangled traffic that passes from this point every day, are waiting for a solution as soon as possible. So how can a solution be found? The suggestion is that a bridge should be built on Deniz Sokak, which is located between the "Hacı Şerif" pedestrian bridge and the "Social Facilities" bridge, and the metrobus stop should be moved to this point. In other words, the Social Facilities Bridge 100 m. Pulling up towards Avcılar… We hope that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality officials will take this suggestion of the local people into consideration.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 11:59

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  1. Why is the METROBUS station not available here?

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