Shell İzmit Kanlıbağ Station Opened


📩 09/07/2021 08:04

Izmit Kanlıbağ is the new address of Shell & Turcas*, one of the most admired companies in the fuel and mineral oil market, which continues to expand its station network.

Product and service quality of the fuel sector is one of the most admired companies, Shell & Turcas in Turkey at different points in order to serve the needs of its customers at every point continues to open new stations. Continuing its investments in this context, Shell's last address was İzmit Kanlıbağ. Located on the Izmit city minibus road, the station gains the appreciation of the customers with its understanding of friendly service, modern infrastructure, clean toilets and facilities as well as quality fuels.

Shell Fuel-Saving Fuel and Shell V-Power Nitro + Performance Fuel are offered to customers at Shell İzmit Kanlıbağ station. Drivers can also take advantage of Shell's loyalty program Shell Club Smart Card at the station. There are also Vehicle Identification System, car wash and 24 hour market.

* Shell & Turcas, monthly business and economic magazine Capital, during the "Turkey's Most Admired Companies Survey 2013" covered the 11th time the "Most Admired Companies in the Fuel and Lubricant Distribution Sector" took place between.

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