They Observed Migratory Birds in Sarıyer

📩 30/11/2018 12:40

They observed migratory birds in Sarıyer: representatives of nature associations from various countries 3. Bridge, 3. He made observations in the regions that are in the sphere of influence of the projects such as Airport and Canal Istanbul. In the Sarıyer section of the observation, birds were photographed with binoculars.

Threats to nature were also evaluated during the trip where the migration of birds was observed. Noting that Istanbul is a very important place in terms of bird migration routes, Engin Yılmaz, General Manager of Doğa Derneği, hosting the event, said, “Millions of birds migrate from Africa to Europe and from Europe to Africa twice a year. . The point where we are currently observing migration is the crossing point of tens of thousands of predators. Today we saw many predatory species of stork, fish eagle, snake eagle, hawks, black kite. Vultures we watched in documentaries, birds in Europe pass through here ”.

  1. Stating that the Bridge, 3rd Airport and Canal Istanbul projects are in the accommodation areas of the birds, in vital areas, Yılmaz said, “The wetlands and forest areas in Istanbul are the food nests where these birds meet the energy they need during migration. Birds have to use their energy very efficiently during their long migration journey otherwise they will not be able to finish the migration and die. Therefore, by staying in these areas, they rest their energy for migration. If you destroy wetlands, woodlands, millions of birds could disappear. The place where the 3rd Airport is planned to be built is the areas where raptors roost and stay. The airport project means that these birds cannot stay there, cannot complete their migration, and die ”.
    "WAITING FOR COMMITMENT OF CONTRACTS which Turkey is a party to the FULFILL"

Netherlands Birdlife Organization situated in the surveillance team General Manager Fred Wouters, noting that Turkey's responsibility for the protection of migratory birds, "There are many international conventions and responsibilities of the parties for the protection of migratory birds Turkey. Huge investments are being made to protect these migratory birds during their difficult migration journey. A lot of budgets are spent just to protect these birds. During this long migration routes through Turkey in Turkey to protect these birds, we expect that the parties fulfill their contractual commitments. This is not only for Turkey, a subject of importance for the whole world, "he said.

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