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📩 09/04/2023 23:03

Will we be able to take a vacation while sitting in our chair in the future? Will robots make reservations? When we think of long-distance travel, will we think of space instead of the Far East? Skyscanner, the travel search engine that offers innovative technological solutions in the travel industry, investigated what kind of experience traveling will turn into in the future, in line with the opinions of experts. The first published part of the research, which consists of three parts, examines how travel planning and reservations can be made 10 years later thanks to technological developments.

With its web site as well as its mobile applications, Skyscanner makes it easy for those who want to travel around the world, and offer the most affordable alternatives. Skyscanner has explored how 10 will be a year of experience. The research, which was carried out in consultation with future and technology experts, was made by the travel futurologist. Ian Yeoman, Microsoft UK Planning Officer Dave Coplin and Google Creative Lab Director Steve Vranakis, as well as Skycanner CEO Gareth Williams.

Wearable Technology

According to the search of Skyscanner, wearable technology will develop rapidly and become an integral part of our lives. Smart glasses will turn into smart lenses so you can instantly translate, so you won't have a foreign language problem. Wearable technologies offered by brands such as Google, Samsung, Sony and Apple will also become a digital travel companion. Digital Travel Companion will know the personal preferences and tastes of the users and will be able to offer mood options by perceiving their moods.

Travel with Virtual Reality

With virtual reality in the future, the guests will be able to experience their destination from where they live. However, according to Skyscanner, instead of avoiding this real trip, it will give holidaymakers a chance to make their choice by seeing, experiencing and experiencing the experience of seeing their places, hearing voices and feeling the sights.

Skyscanner Turkey Marketing Manager Murat Ozkok: "Technological advances are crucial for the future of a company to have already anticipating vision; Skyscanner is the year in which 11 was built to anticipate the demand for a travel search engine. Now, after the 10 year, we are guiding the sector with our research about how the journey will turn into an experience. The prospective research that we have done with the experts in the future is very exciting. Uzman

To review the first part of the report in more detail and to save the report You can visit. The second part of the report, which will examine the journey in the future and how the hotels will be, will be explained in the next part of 2014.

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