Russian State Railways' statute capital will be increased by 13 billion rubles

Russian State Railways' statutory capital will be increased by 13 billion rubles: Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev signed a decree that the statute of the Russian State Railways would be increased by approximately 13 billion rubles.

According to the Russian government's website, the company's statute capital will be increased by the introduction of additional shares of Russian State Railways. However, it is emphasized that the figure will be used to implement a number of major infrastructure projects.

Revenues obtained according to the description of the development of the transportation complex of the Moscow Region (1.6 billion rubles), the development of the railway infrastructure of the part between the Mejdureçensk-Tayşet (8.5 billion rubles), repair of the section between Gorkogo-Kotelnikovo-Tihoretskaya-Krimskaya (2.9 billion rubles), also Moscow -Kazan high-speed rail line formation (0.02 billion rubles) will be spent in the realization of large projects.


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