Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Surface Transport Systems

Bursa cable car line disinfected against coronavirus
Bursa cable car line disinfected against coronavirus

Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Transport Systems from the Surface: This section is designed for passengers or passengers on ski training vehicles; This standard specifies cable transport systems where the main wire rope moves through the surface by means of towing equipment.

The surface conveying system is normally of a single cable type, and the tow rope is attached to the lower and upper pillars. Fixed and disconnectable terminal blocks can be used in the system.

Surface transport systems include T-Bars, J-Bars and Discs. T-Bars are a surface conveying system, which forms the reverse taş T lı shape between the tow rope and the passenger and draws passengers to the arm on both sides of the en T oluşturan. Systems with J-Bar surface transport, generally in the form of lar J lar and tow rope and a passenger between the passenger and the yol J tek on one side of the body of a single passenger by pulling pulls.

Disc-on-surface conveying systems are a device consisting of a rod between the tow rope and the passenger and a disc at the lower end of the rod and the passenger who has passed the leg on both sides of the disc.

In the whole system / 2000 / 9 AT-Man shall be complied with the provisions of the Cable Carriage Installation Design and the safety rules specified in TS EN 12929-1, TS EN 12929-2 standards.

- TS EN 12929-1: Safety Rules for General Line Facilities Designed for Transporting People-General Conditions - Part 1: Rules for All Facilities

- TS EN 12929-2: Safety Rules for Overhead Line Facilities Designed for Human Transport - General Requirements - Part 2: Additional Rules for Two Reversible Overhead Rope Roads without Carrier Brake Brakes

The system design will generally be in compliance with the national-international standards in Section VI and the relevant regulations and technical specifications of public institutions and organizations.

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