Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Detachable Terminal, Cabinet or Chair Systems

📩 24/11/2018 13:29

Design Criteria of Ropeway Systems, Detachable Clamps, Cabin or Chair Systems: This section covers wired human transport vehicles whose carriers system rotate all around, can be attached to and detached from the tow rope. Carriers travel along a line from one terminal to another and continue their journey along the other line, making a return at the terminals. Vehicles are tied up at the boarding-take-off and disengaged at the landing point. The connection of the vehicles to the rope is done by means of terminals and the terminal blocks are automatically clamped to the moving carrying rope.

Gondola, Funifel, Funifor etc. Wired human Transport Systems named with names will be evaluated under this group. This section does not cover the vehicles going in contact with ground or snow during travel.

The Tools in this section may be of the following types:
Single-seat or double-seat chairs,
- Open railed cabins,
- Closed cabins with windows.

The passenger transport systems in this section may be single-cable, double-wired or dual-wired. The carriers may be open chairs or cabinets or a combination of the two.

The provisions of “2000/9 EC - Cable Transport Installation Regulation Designed to Carry People and the safety rules specified in TS EN 12929-1, TS EN 12929-2 standards shall be complied with in the whole system.

- TS EN 12929-1: Safety Rules for General Line Facilities Designed for Transporting People-General Conditions - Part 1: Rules for All Facilities
- TS EN 12929-2: Safety Rules for Overhead Line Facilities Designed for Human Transport - General Requirements - Part 2: Additional Rules for Two Reversible Overhead Rope Roads without Carrier Brake Brakes

The system design will generally comply with the national-international standards in Chapter VI and the relevant regulations and technical regulations of public institutions and organizations.

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