Speed ​​limits have been redefined in Afyon

Speed ​​limits were re-determined in Afyon: In Afyonkarahisar, which was chosen as the pilot province for speed control with radar, the speed limits were determined again.
The regions where the speed limit was 70 per hour were determined between Turgut Özal Boulevard, İzmir Point Junction and Kadaifçioğlu Bend. The places where the speed limit is 60 kilometers are determined as follows: Ankara Bridge Interchange, Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Boulevard, Fair Interchange, Efeli Junction, Gendarmerie Junction, Atatürk Street, Station Junction, Finance Junction, Izmir Point Interchange, Şuhut Road ANS Interchange Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Interchange between the Boulevard Interchange (Şuhut Junction), Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Bulvarı Intercity Bridge (Konya Bridge) Junction, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, Şuhut Junction, Ataköy Interchange, Courthouse Junction, Highways Junction, Inönü Street, Gendarmerie Junction, Efeli Interchange, Sheikh Samil Bulvari, Fatih Intersection, Kadınana Mosque Junction, Ali İhsan Paşa Junction, Şuhut Junction, Hamm Boulevard Intercity (Witnesses Rock) Junction, Filli Intersection, Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard, Finance Interchange, Filli Kavşak, Prof.Dr. Between Abdulkadir Akçan Caddesi, Çevreyolu Organized Interchange, Filli Kavşak, Cahar Dudayev Street, Tevfik İsce Street Junction, on the Adnan Kahveci Street in Selçuklu Mahallesi, roads between Ali Çetinkaya Bulvarı and Fatma Zehra Street junction.
Afyonkarahisar Chief of Police Mustafa Uçkan, speed limits, used in automobile, panel and passenger transport, the van and records of the driver and other seats outside the seat and also used to be used in passenger transport used in passenger cars, he said. Uçkan, "Other than these vehicles, trucks, trucks, minibuses, buses and public transport vehicles used in all other vehicles to be excluded from this scope and the 50 speed limit will be continued for these vehicles per hour." He said.

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