Poor Countries Bus Station Makes Rich Countries Rail System

Poor Countries Bus Station Rich Countries Makes Rail System: Speaking at YTU's rail systems symposium, Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications Yahya Baş said, unda You will make rail system as much as you are, and make bus stops in poor countries. Fak
Speaking at the rail system symposium organized by YTU, Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications, Yahya Baş said that ne You will make rail systems as much as you are, and make bus stops in poor countries yum.

Yildiz Technical University (Yildiz) Rail Club organized by the point where the rail system in the world and investment were discussed at a symposium held in Turkey in recent years. 'Your ideas Rail Sheep' at a symposium organized under the slogan should be taken on the steps of Turkey's rail system was also evaluated.


Speaking at the symposium Maritime and Communications Deputy Minister Yahya head, so this is an important issue for Turkey congratulated the students for organizing this important symposium. Rail system in just underline that make the task of a particular industry is not a very engineering arm Yahya head, as long as the shape will contribute to the production of relevant sections of the rail of the university system will increase gradually in the unfolded and richness of Turkey's industry, he said. Stating that the investments in rail systems are related to the level of development of the countries, Yahya Baş said, “No matter how rich you are, you make rail system, you do tunnel, you make the way. It is not the work of the poor. ”It makes a bus terminal in poor countries. Fak

YTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Control and Automation Department Faculty Member and Rail Systems Club Advisor Yrd. Assoc. Dr. İlker Üstoğlu stated that a railway mobilization was announced in the first years of the Republic, and he reminded that every year there is a line consisting of 134 kilometers. The target of knitting the country with iron nets 2000'li years until the target is staying away from this target and 18 kilometers per year until the voicing that Topoglu, in recent years, entered a second iron network period, he said.


Rector of YTU Dr. İsmail Yüksek said that the main share of transportation in developed countries belongs to rail systems and that rail systems are a symbol of the development of countries. High indicating that Turkey's recent rail start making investments that deserve to systems, Konya-Ankara, said Konya and Eskisehir-Istanbul and then next fast train project between Turkey targeted by 2023 in transportation will lay the groundwork for entering the first 10 economy in the vision being taken quick steps .



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