Awarded Pirelli Suppliers

Pirelli Rewarded its Suppliers: The Pirelli Supplier Awards, which Pirelli considers to its suppliers worldwide on sustainability, quality, service quality and innovation, have found their owners. 8 from Europe, 1 supplier company from Indonesia, was awarded.
Pirelli has rewarded the supplier companies, which he believes are the most important business partner in its success and global strategy. The third Pirelli Supplier Awards, held this year, found their owners in Milan. Among the award-winning suppliers, which are mostly made up of rubber producers, digital media, consultancy, textile and industrial material manufacturers also took part.
Luigi Staccoli, Member of the Board of Directors responsible for Pirelli Procurement, said that the suppliers located in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Indonesia prioritize quality and innovation in the materials and services they offer to Pirelli. we also rewarded our suppliers who provided software services yazılım. Pirelli invited the award-winning companies to test their new Pirelli tires, which they helped develop, on the test track in the Italian town of Vizzola.
Headquartered in Milan, 40 is the 135 procurement specialist worldwide, with nearly 12 a thousand suppliers every year.

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