Pegasus invites summer to live

Pegasus invites you to experience the summer season: Pegasus Airlines inspires the guests who wish to catch life by traveling through the Summer Summer with more Summer Campaigns.
Dedeköylü: ay We say that our guests will experience the summer with Pegasus more this year Ded
Pegasus Airlines Marketing Director Onur Dedeköylü, who made a statement about Pegasus's More Summer Campaign, said: yazı With More Summer Campaigns, we are inspiring our guests to experience new places and to experience new things by traveling more and more. Our guests in the 34 83 to the point of our wide network of flights to the city of their choice by flying at the appropriate rates to give you the opportunity to live in the summer season. We also support our opportunities with our innovative applications on When we are planning our travels, I'City Guide' page in the city, you can learn special tips for cities to travel. In the past months, we have launched our mobile applications for Iphone and android devices so that our guests can complete their tickets and additional service purchases in a practical way. Since April, Pegasus' new flight search application Peg Uçur Beni Pegasus fly is launched on With this application, our guests can search according to their budget and travel dates and see their travel alternatives. Bu
One of the pioneers of innovations Pegasus: us Fly me Pegasus Yenilik
With its innovative approach and creative applications, Pegasus has achieved pioneering innovations in the sector. I ur Uçur Beni Pegasus Beni is the new travel planner that he has been presenting to his guests; It shows the most suitable flight routes according to their guests' budgets, their travel dates and their travel preferences. applications with guests carrying the first of its kind in Turkey aviation sector, particular travel by selecting examining proposals Pegasus 34 country 83 point in extending broad flight network is located within the city are out easily suits them best, travelers can do their planning.

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