Automotive domestic market dip, peaks in exports

Automotive peaked in the domestic market, peaked in exports: in the first quarter of the year the automotive sector, which experienced troubled days in the domestic market, caught the stability with the export championship.
According to the data of the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), the automobile and light commercial vehicle market decreased by 2014 percent in the January-March period of 24,46 compared to the same period of the previous year, to 115. This figure was 272 thousand 2013 in the first three months of 152.
Domestic market shrinkage reached the highest level in March at 2014, while sales in the automobile and light commercial vehicle market declined by 30,82.
The automotive sector, which has experienced troubled days due to the rise in exchange rates, increasing the excise duty rates, the limitations imposed by the BRSA on credit transactions and the contraction of the election process, found its way out in exports.
Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), exports of automotive sector in January-March, according to data 2014 8,1 percent increase 5 132 million billion billion dollars rose 5 546 million dollars.
Domestic sales in March, the month of exports, in exports, the opposite performance brought record. Automotive exports increased by 14,2 by the same month of the previous year and became the sector with the highest exports with 2 billion 127 million dollars. Automotive, 1 billion 604 million dollars in ready-to-wear and apparel industry, 1 billion 468 million dollars in exports of chemicals and products were followed by the industry.
- Power test for the public
Aydın Erkoç, the Vice Chairman of Motor Vehicle Dealers' Federation (MASFED) and President of the Association of the Association of Capitalists, said that the developments in the first 2014 of 3 was a test of power for the automotive sector and the sector came out of this test.
Automotive, Turkey's most competitive and rapidly noted that growing sector of the attention attracted Erkoç, '' though unless distressed reaching began in January 2014 and during the election period exorbitant, balancing on exports of losses, it is pleasing to both sector economy. The success achieved in exports during the painful process in the domestic market prevented the sector from experiencing a crisis. As the automotive industry has to maintain the momentum it has caught, it will continue to invest and employment in the long run. ''
In order to prevent the contraction in the domestic market, Erkoç asked that the necessary measures be taken without delay and added that the decline in the foreign exchange rates and the downward trend in interest rates in line with the election results are promising for the future.

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