Obama wants 302 billion dollars for repair of bridges and roads

Obama wants $ 302 billion for the repair of bridges and roads: The bill pending approval from Congress is aimed at supporting the struggling American Highway Fund.
The Obama administration asked Congress for $ 302 billion to be used in road projects.
If the Ministry of Transport's proposal for the budget is approved by Congress, a $ 87 billion contribution will be made to the American Highway Fund for bridge repair and renewal of the public transport system.
Transport officials are demanding a 6-year plan from Congress, although there is no consensus on how to fund the budget. The Transport Department points out that the Highway Fund, which relies on gasoline and diesel taxes, may not be able to meet its financial obligations this year. There are concerns that the possible troubles that the Fund will experience may hinder the efforts towards improvement in the economy.
US Transport Secretary Anthony Foxx told reporters, “A funding collapse could cause unnecessary damage to our economy by putting the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. We need to pass a law that will prevent this ”.
The bill on the transfer of funds in question is in line with President Obama's budget request in February. The House and Senate boards work separately on their own bills. In the Congress, President Obama's proposal for the repayment of the fund and a temporary tax increase for the foreign earnings of companies has not been put on the agenda yet.



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