Nissibi Bridge in Adıyaman Will Be Opened In October

📩 24/11/2018 12:02

Nissibi Bridge in Adıyaman will be opened in October: It has been reported that the 610-meter-long Nissibi Bridge built on the Atatürk Dam pond will be opened in October.
Governor Mahmut Demirtaş examined the works on the bridge under construction and received information from the company officials. Demirtaş said that the bridge, which will be the transit point of many provinces with Adıyaman and Diyarbakır, will be provided with a more convenient and safe way of transportation in the region.
Demirtas will contribute to the national economy by saving time and fuel and also emphasizing that the city will bring vitality to tourism and economy of the region in terms of touristic values ​​such as Mount Nemrut and religious tourism.
Nissib the bridge "an engineering marvel" that qualifies as Demirtas, "Bridges 'cable stayed called' cable systems and cable taut strap with steel orthotropic slab bears the distinction of being first in Turkey," he said.
Demirtaş said that the bridge was longing for the people of Adıyaman for years.
“When the bridge is opened, it will make a great contribution to the socio-economic development of Adıyaman and the region. We hope to complete the bridge, the construction of which was started two years ago, in October of this year and put it into the service of our people. One of Turkey's most important works when completed will emerge. With the opening of the bridge to vehicle traffic, Adıyaman will no longer be a blind spot and easy transportation will be provided with the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

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