Treasury-guaranteed auctions will not be announced by new regulation

Treasury-guaranteed tenders will not be announced with the new regulation: Kanal Istanbul, 3. Guarantees given in the Treasury guarantee for projects such as airports and city hospitals will not be announced in the Official Gazette. In the new Treasury guarantee system, defined as a return to the 2001 year, the Treasury will guarantee the 85 percentage of the loan even if the company terminates the contract due to the credit shortage. In case of termination of the contract for reasons other than the company's fault, the Treasury will be the guarantor of the 100.


With a minimum investment amount of over one billion liras, a Treasury guarantee will be given to the projects that are executed by the Ministries of Health and Education on 500 projects worth over one million dollars. The legislative arrangement on the Treasury guarantee for giant projects came out in February last year. The amount of guarantee that the Treasury will provide is determined by the budget of 2014. Accordingly, the Treasury, 3 billion dollars can give guarantees. The Council of Ministers can increase this by one fold if necessary. 19 was determined by the regulation on Resmi Debt to be realized by the Undersecretariat of Treasury imi published in the Official Gazette on April.

According to the regulation, the Treasury will assume the financial obligations, including those arising from the main loan provided by the company and derivative products for the provision of the main loan. The Council of Ministers will decide on the financing of the Treasury for the replacement or renewal of all or part of the main loan after a company takes over the debt. So the company will have the right to take the loan, 10 year term before and then turn into 5 year to maturity. The Council of Ministers will decide to change the loan.


Transitional 1 entitled X Exception Yönet of the Regulation. An interesting arrangement took place in the article. According to the Article, the Treasury's opinion, partial undertaking commitment and debt assumption limit provisions will not be applied before the tender on the implementation contracts in terms of projects that have been announced as of the date of entry into force of the law. It is understood that the projects that have been announced as of the date of the entry into force of this regulation will not be affected by the 3 billion dollar limit. 6428 olacağı The Ministry of Health's Public Private Partnership Model, Construction, Renewal and Service of the Ministry of Health in the article of the enforcement of the debt assumption limit of 1 January 2014 will be valid from the provision of the rule. 6428 was released at 21 February 2013. In the clause (b) of article 6428, it is stated that the provisions other than the debt assumption limit shall start at 1 December 2012. So actually 3. The contracted projects including the bridge are also covered by the warranty.
Temporary 2. The companies were asked to apply to the Treasury within the 15 days for the signed debt undertaking agreements before the regulation was published.

Transparency removed

TREASURY former Deputy Undersecretary Hakan Özyıldız, indicating that this arrangement before the 2001, remove the transparency, he said. Thus, a debt system for the first time that expresses Özyıldız, eliminates fiscal discipline, the application is a worse regulation than the loss of duty, he said.

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