Montania La Gare Restaurant offers unforgettable music feast to railway lovers

The Montania La Gare Restaurant offers an unforgettable musical feast for rail lovers: Mudanya-Bursa Train made by the French Mudanya Station has been operated for many years as Montania Hotel, which does not compromise on quality. For the centuries-old train nostalgia in the Nostalgic Gar, the La Gare Restaurant railway lovers are waiting for unforgettable tastes and exquisite music.

The quality music and delicious food will be enjoyed at La Gare Restaurant. The olan The Montania Quartet ”, which will perform in a unique atmosphere in the most elegant restaurant of Bursa, will have fun for you and your guests.

Our orchestra with flute, double bass, acoustic guitar and accordion will sing your favorite songs at your desk with you. Muş The Montania Quartet ark, which plays a special role in the Balkan Gypsy Folk style, is one of the most famous songs to be forgotten.

Bursa is waiting for its delightful guests. La Gare Restaurant, which is the new entertainment address of the city with its previously realized projects, is in front of you again with a different project.


La Gare Restaurant & Bar - in MONTANIA.
Please make a reservation.
0224 544 6 000 is

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 12:22

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