Michelin recommends tire selection according to season for safe driving

Michelin recommends the choice of tires according to the season for safe driving: with the 125 years of experience in the world tire industry, providing drivers with safety, fuel economy, high performance and mileage, Michelin warns its users about the use of tires in recent days when we began to feel the effects of the summer and feel the effects of summer.
Michelin, one of the world's largest tire manufacturers, warns its drivers to select tires according to the season in order to provide a safer driving experience with warming. When the winter season begins to lose its effects gradually and the spring air begins to be felt, the tire changes period is approaching. Michelin recommends the use of summer tires for safer journeys.
Michelin aims to raise awareness of drivers in terms of tire usage during the season, and is conducting research with the Research Department of Traffic Accidents at the University of Dresden, Germany. According to the results of the surveys, the drivers have misinformation about the use of winter tires and therefore turn to the wrong tire. The accident map created in cooperation with Michelin, the University of Dresden's Accident Science Department (VUFO), is only on the profitable ground of the 8 of traffic accidents; 92 on the dry and wet floor is revealed. Tires that are not compatible with the season and the ground cause danger to road safety
Tire use increases the tire's performance and life, creating a safer environment for the driver, road and pedestrian. Winter and summer tires and rubber components are different. Winter tires, developed in accordance with winter and weather conditions and designed to provide comfort to the driver on snow, ice and wet conditions, cannot give the same result during the summer. Different structures of winter and summer tires also affect their expansion.
Winter tires, which are not suitable for hot weather, are easily softened by warming up on hot ground under summer conditions. Softening tires increase safety as well as compromise safety. In addition, there are more teeth in the construction of winter tires. Winter tires with more gear have more fuel consumption on dry ground.
Equipping the vehicle with the right tire prior to the long holiday journeys that increase during the summer period significantly reduces the risks. Summer tires should be used in this period, which can withstand summer heat, reduce fuel consumption and improve the performance of the tire.


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