New Generation Ford For Vehicles special maxima FM 5W-30

New Generation Ford Special Vehicles maxima FM 5W-30: Petrol Ofisi maxima FM 5W-30 ”full synthetic motor oil offers superior performance, fuel economy and long engine life for passenger cars with petrol and diesel engines, especially for the new generation Ford. .
Turkey's leading fuel distribution and lubricants company's passenger car motor oils member of the family, Petrol Ofisi maxima FM 5W-30, improved formula and new generation petrol thanks to technology and requested for diesel Ford vehicles Ford WSS M2C913-D meets the performance level. The fully synthetic maxima FM 5W-30, which contributes to the fuel economy by making the engine run more efficiently, increases vehicle maintenance times with its long oil change interval and helps to prolong the engine life by minimizing engine wear. The Ford WSS M2C913-D approved maxima FM 5W-30 engine oil can also be used for petrol and diesel vehicles in different brands and models.
maxima; opens the breath of your engine.
Synthetic Petrol Ofisi maxima passenger car engine oils, which are resistant to break and light commercial vehicles with uncut oil molecule technology, cover the engine from the start of the first working day, adapting to the challenging climate and road conditions and protecting its property for life. It prevents wear and power losses, and keeps the performance of the vehicle as it was on the first day. Fully synthetic maxima engine oils developed at Petrol Ofisi Technology Center, with synthetic technology, offer fuel economy, longer oil change and service range. Maxima engine oils, including high-tech onay unbreakable oil molecules, “have the approval of many leading OEMs. The family of the Petrol Ofisi maxima engine oils opens your engine's breath with superior performance in all four seasons for demanding traffic conditions.

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