12 Truck Bone Inspected at Marmaray Excavations

📩 25/11/2018 18:38

12 Truck Bone Examined at Marmaray Excavations: Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Anatomy and Istanbul Archaeological Museums Yenikapı Metro and Marmaray Excavation Animal Bones Project President Dr. Vedat Onar stated that the 142 bin vault was obtained in the Marmaray excavations.

As part of World Veterinarians Day in Samsun, the University of Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Student Society participated in the conference a A Different Approach in Veterinary Medicine: Osteoarchaeology:. Excavation Animal Bones Project President Dr. Vedat Onar said that they had examined the 12 truck bones one by one at the Marmaray excavations.

The opening speeches of the conference were Head of OMU Faculty of Veterinary Students, Faruk Tamer Kamışık, and OMU Faculty of Veterinary Students, Academic Advisor Assist. Assoc. Dr. Buğra Genç and Samsun - Sinop Veterinary Doctors Chamber President Mahmut Çetinkaya. Then, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Professor of OMU. Dr. Abdurrahman Aksoy said, “Veterinarians have contributed greatly to the public health and humanity with their efforts in the field of reducing global hunger, preventing zoonotic diseases, ensuring food quality and safety, biomedical research, and protecting the environment and biodiversity, as well as improving animal health and welfare. The development of a profession, rising social status, acceptance and encouragement of the profession depends on the fact that the members of the profession are successful individuals who are accepted in the society, they make important contributions to their country in the fields of their profession with their devoted work and efforts, and they are opinion leaders in the society with their intellectual knowledge. ”

After the speeches, Prof.Dr. Vedat Onar gave a lecture on 'A Different Approach in Veterinary Medicine: Osteoarchaeology'. Onar said that there were many historical monuments, as well as animal bones in the excavations of Marmaray and Istanbul subways in Yenikapı, as well as bones belonging to many animal species from the horse to the monkey.

Onar, ilgili We made a TÜBİTAK project for the Marmaray project. Of course, the project has a beginning and an end. Marmaray was such a project that we started to think about how to close the project. Every day the project is changing. A process that started in 2004 was reached in 2013 and is over. There was an 142 bin case to be examined during the Marmaray excavations. We have studied the 12 truck bones and have studied them one by one Biz.

Remains of the remains of the remains of 37 in Yenikapı on the ruins of Theodosius Harbor, indicating that the Restoration, Yenikapı 2004 in the year began and 12 bear reminded that the year they have done an uninterrupted excavation. He said, ait The old harbor of Theodosius from the Byzantine period. It is also the port of the port, but also military ships here. There are normal merchant ships. The remains are out. As of today, the 37 boat was detected. We begin to examine each bone by taking a record. The resulting density is from the Early Byzantine (4.-7. Century) to the Young Byzantine (15. Century) period. The species we obtained was identified as total 57 species. There is no record of the presence of the bison in Istanbul during the Byzantine period. They are now under investigation. The most common material in the field was skipped. The Byzantine horses were the 32 of the ruins. A single Byzantine horse or Byzantine animal collection was unearthed in the world. Maybe this work could not be done without the work of Marmaray, Belki he said.
After the speeches, Prof.Dr. Dr. Abdurrahman Aksoy, Professor Dr. He presented a plaque to Vedat Onar.

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