Manisa section of Sabuncubeli Tunnel advanced 3 meters on the right tube

The Manisa section of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel was advanced 3 meters on the right tube: Highways İzmir Regional Manager Abdülkadir Uraloğlu stated that the entrances of the Manisa section of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which was built between Manisa and İzmir, were completed and 3 meters advanced on the right tube. He said that the work in the Izmir part is also continuing rapidly.
The second meeting of the Manisa Provincial Coordination Board in 2014 was held in the Şehzadeler District Governorship under the chairmanship of Governor Abdurrahman Savaş. Providing information to the participants about the latest situation of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, Regional Manager Uraloğlu said that the drilling works in the tubes in the İzmir part of the tunnel are continuing, while the drilling works in the tube tunnels in the Manisa section have started slowly. Stating that the tunnel is 6 thousand 480 meters long, Uraloğlu said, “Drilling works in İzmir left side of the tunnel reached 918 meters and 880 meters in the right tube. We know that we had a landslide problem during the drilling works in the tubes in the Manisa part of the tunnel. We found a solution to the problem with bored piles. Now, in the tunnel entrance structure on the Manisa side, 35 meters in the left tube and 30 meters in the right tube has been completed. Tunnel excavations in the right tube started on 19 April and 3 meters progress has been made so far. Our goal is to progress 4 meters a day. We will start drilling in the left tube within the next weeks. " said.
At the meeting attended by relevant investor organizations, the latest status of investments made throughout the province in 2013 was also evaluated. Governor Savaş said that 2013 public investment projects were implemented throughout the province in 357 and the total cost was 4 billion 590 million TL. He said that 20 of the projects have been completed, 205 are still ongoing, 44 are at the tender stage, and 88 have not started yet. In the remainder of the meeting, investor organizations gave information about the investments that are under construction throughout the province and that are planned to start in 2014.

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