Light rail design criteria

Light rail design criteria: In the attached file, the minimum design criteria for Light Rail Systems which are included in the urban public transportation systems are given. However, in the study area, local conditions, topographic features, historical and natural sites, such as the presence of limitations due to factors such as; In the case of using different values ​​in line slope and curve radius criteria, alternative routes may be submitted to DLH for approval.

In the case of planning the extensions of existing rail system lines; Rail Clearance, Depot Area Rail work (such as concrete or traverse-ballasted line construction) criteria will be compatible with the current system specifications. The energy supply can be from the bottom feed (15.000. Rail) and overhead line (catenary or rigid catenary).

The system will not interfere in any way with other transport systems and will be fully protected. System design; and in accordance with the relevant national and international standards and the relevant regulations and technical regulations of public institutions and organizations.

You can see more details of the light rail design criteria by clicking HERE


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