Environment Road Meeting in Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce

Freeway Meeting in Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce: Before the season, a meeting was held in Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce about the endless freeway works and problems of freeway tradesmen.
At the meeting, AK Party Aydin Gultekin Kilinc, Regional Director of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloglu, Kusadasi Governor Muammer Aksoy, District Police Director Mustafa Topal, Kusadasi Chamber of Commerce Chairman Serdar Akdogan, met municipal officials and environmental road trades.
AK Party Aydın Deputy Gültekin Kılınç'ın "We are here at the point of solution," the meeting began with the words, Governor of Kusadasi Muammar Aksoy "to meet the needs of the environment and meet the needs of the people of Kusadasi," he said.
Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce Chairman Serdar Akdoğan; He said that the tourism season has started and the road should be opened as soon as possible. he continued, stating that different problems arose as the road began to end. Akdogan, the entrance of the ring road is closed to a lot of shops and entrances to these shops are very big, he said. Akdoğan stated that the municipality was slow in the election process and the problems were transferred to the new administration. Belediye The coordination of the Municipality and Highways is very important at the moment, ”he said.
At the beginning of the problems expressed by the artisans of the ring road, the lack of connection of the ring road to the side roads, the lack of access to shops and side roads were not combined with living spaces. At the meeting, where the managers of the big markets on the ring road have experienced great grievance especially with the closure of the side roads, whether the investment will really relieve the traffic, the arrangement of cables passing underground and the possibility of natural gas coming into consideration are also mentioned. . On the ring road, some of the shops under the road, traffic accidents and waterlogging in terms of the risk of flooding the shop owners wanted to take measures as soon as possible.
Ümit Acar, President of Kuşadası Branch, Chamber of Architects; from a broad perspective, he said that such an investment is a must “but the idea of ​​non-governmental organizations had to be sought before starting.” Stating that they learned when everything started to work, Acar said that they did not think that the overpasses on the ring road would solve the problem, and that they created a view that would not be worthy of a touristic city.
Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, Regional Director of Highways, who listened to the problems and said or As the city grows, new roads are needed “in his speech, the determination of the current situation has been made, and what we can do as a result the study was sent to the municipality and related institutions without clarifying the results of the feasibility studies started as a result of the work plan and the other plan to work with other institutions, and then began to work with the recording, "We know that the discomfort and do our best as highways," he apologized for the disability.
At the end of the meeting, the site was landed for the determination of the ring road works and the works were examined on-site, the status of the entrances of the shops, the differences in elevations and the conditions of the dead-end streets were examined. As a result of the meeting stated that the municipal reconstruction will take place as soon as possible, Aydın Deputy Gültekin Kılınç said that the meeting was very useful and the problems of the parties were revealed and steps would be taken to solve the problems to the minimum.

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