Asphalt Mobilization to Villages

📩 24/11/2018 12:31

Asphalt Mobilization to the Villages: Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek has initiated the asphalt mobilization to the villages by fulfilling the promise given before the election.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek fulfilled his promise before the elections and started the asphalt campaign for the villages. Mayor Gökçek visited the new districts that joined the Metropolitan Municipality before the 30 March local elections and explained the services to be made and said, “We will fulfill our promises of service to the newly joined districts and villages. However, our priority will be those who trust us ”.
Stating that they will definitely fulfill their promises during the elections and that they started to serve from places where they are most trusted, Mayor Gökçek said, “We started to serve from the villages that joined the responsibility area of ​​the Metropolitan Municipality with the local elections. We are pouring their asphalt one by one, we have finished some of them, ”he said.
Mayor Gökçek reiterated that all villages and districts will receive service, but they will divide this into 5 years and make a downward ranking starting from the most trusted places. Mayor Gökçek said, "By fulfilling the promises we made before the elections, we started the mobilization of services to the districts with asphalt works."
Mayor Gökçek, 13 said that they continue to work with the paving team, night teams have not yet started to work due to the weather conditions, 24 hours of uninterrupted asphalt work with the introduction of these teams will do work, he said.
The village roads previously covered with hot-paving bitumen hot mix asphalt (BSK) stating that the President Gökçek, all the new districts participating in the boundaries of the Metropolitan district will be made asphalt.
Explaining that the Metropolitan Municipality has turned Ankara into an exemplary city by equipping it with modern streets and boulevards, Mayor Gökçek stated that the new districts joining the borders of the Metropolitan will be modernized as a result of the services started with the asphalt work.
Mayor Gökçek said, “Village roads, which gained neighborhood status in 2014, are planned to be covered with hot asphalt as needed”.
According to the information given by Vedat Üçpınar, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department; The asphalt works of Kızılcahamam's Kurumcu Neighborhood, Çeltikçi Neighborhood connection roads and Çeltikçi - Çavuşlar - Bezci, - Kuzuören - Kocalar Mahalle connection roads are started, while the asphalt works of Kızılcahamam District's Soğuksu Street and Çamlıdere's Elören Neighborhood and Elmalı Mahallesi connection road are continuing rapidly.
Along with these districts, the asphalt work of the connection road between Nusratlar Mahalle and Çat Mahalle in Çubuk, and the mechanical work of the connection road to B.Davdanlı Mahalle and Akkoyun Mahalle in Bala.
Vedat Üçpınar, Kızılcaham and Çamlıdere with the districts of Çubuk, Bala, Elmadag and Kazan districts have started to work asphalt, Polatli, Sereflikochisar, Gudul, Nallihan and Beypazari districts made the necessary preparations for the asphalt paving work, he said.
Asphalt pavement works are carried out by Road and Asphalt Branch Directorate of the Department of Science Affairs, while asphalt paving, patching, maintenance and repair works are continuing in the central districts.

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