Code Error on Bridge

📩 24/11/2018 12:06

Code Error on the Bridge: Code error on the Balpınar Bridge on the South Raman ring road raised the residents of the town. Balpınar Mayor Ejder Sarıgöl said, “When the bridge is made out of standard, now the road code is reduced. But in rainy weather, the bridge will turn into a lake, ”he said.
The code error on the 14-kilometer-long bridge at the Balpınar junction on the Güney Raman ring road caused the residents of the town to react. Mayor Ejder Sarıgöl stated that the bridge, which should be 5 meters 10 cm high, was built one meter less. Stating that they complained to the Regional Directorate of Highways about the code error on the bridge, Mayor Sarıgöl said, “Now they are lowering the code of the road. "It will turn into a view of a small lake in rainy weather," he said.
President Sarıgöl continued as follows; “On the bridge at the entrance of Balpınar, there will be invisible accidents that heavy tonnage vehicles will encounter in the future. The code error in the bridge is obviously noticeable. It is thought-provoking that the bridge, which should be 5 meters 10 cm high, be limited to 4 meters. Highways warn the contractor company and dig under the bridge. We cannot stand by such a project. There is no solution to the bridge by dropping the route code. The shortcomings of the bridge, which is not completed yet, should be eliminated.

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