Fir Taşımacılık does not give up Volvo with 10 new FH series added to its fleet.

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

Fir Taşımacılık does not give up Volvo with 10 new series FHs that it has added to its fleet: Fir Tasimacilik, which carries out international frigo transportation, has not broken the tradition of working with Volvo since 10 by strengthening its fleet with 460 FH 4 hp 2X2002 tractors and this purchase is all from Volvo Trucks. increased the number of vehicles in its fleet to 30.
Founded in 1995 with its high quality, accurate and fast service concept, Fir Transportation, which carries out frigophyric transport to Asia and European countries, continues to strengthen and rejuvenate its fleet with Volvo. Firing with Volvo since the day it was founded, Fir Transportation increased the number of vehicles in its fleet to 10 with its 460 units FH 4 HP 2X30 which it purchased in March.
The new FH Series, which has added the international fleet of firgofiric transport to its fleet, is a tow truck with the highest durability, high comfort and safety, which is produced for the tough conditions of long road transportation.
At the delivery ceremony, Bedirhan Orak, who is carrying the international frigo transport, has been awarded as well as Volvo Truck Sales Director Hakkı Iş information, Volvo Trucks Sales Support Director Özkan Çelik and Volvo Truck Regional Sales Manager Devrim Karataş took part in the delivery ceremony. Orak said, ediy Our company, which has been carrying out international frigo transportation, continues its journey with Volvo Trucks since 2002. It is very important that the products we carry in the sector reach the desired address on time. For this reason, we make our business healthier with the confidence we have in Volvo Trucks. In addition, fuel consumption and the vehicle tracking system to make us satisfied with Dynafleet can do the best way to control our vehicles. We will continue our efforts and investments in order to make better the difference we have created in the sector by growing and developing with our business partner Volvo Trucks ız.
Volvo Trucks' deliveries in the ceremony on behalf of the Right to warm up the area said, "Continuing with fir Transport International logistics transportation company in one of Turkey's important that our relationship with many more years to move our greatest desire. We would like to thank you for choosing us as we are renewing the latest technology and prestigious fleet of Köknar Taşımacılık, which has 20 in its fleet, especially from the new FH Series. We hope that our cooperation will continue for many more years. ”

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