Koca, Tülomsaşa announced that staff will be taken

📩 25/11/2018 19:08

Husband, Tülomsaşa announced that staff will be taken: AK Party deputy Salih Koca, Eskişehir party building held before the public day, the reporters found the reporters. Koca, TÜLOMSAŞ announced that the staff will be taken. The husband said, du We have been following and working on it for two months. TÜLOMSAŞ, which is the leader of the growing and developing railway vehicles, needed personnel. 2014 will be employed in the 142 year. X


Husband, TULOMSAS 142 staff received the necessary approvals to be taken, and it is reported to TÜLOMSAŞ, ve 142 personnel to be taken staff of the staff of the 120 will be taken. They are required to be graduates of Industrial Vocational High School. 15 4 annual university graduate engineers will be taken to various units. 6 graduated from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 1 Vocational High School graduate technician will be employed. KPSS scores of the applicants will be taken into consideration. Those who have the highest score in KPSS will start directly. The 4 will also be listed by the Employment Agency and will be interviewed. The ad will be suspended today or at the latest by the Employment Agency tomorrow. The first step of employment will be laid. In terms of TÜLOMSAŞ and Eskişehir, this is an important step; in the last 10 year, TÜLOMSAŞ has been provided with 500 employment, we will have it up to 642 and I wish it would be better. T

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