Traffic teams in Kayseri increased control

Traffic teams in Kayseri increased the inspection: In the inspections carried out in the areas of responsibility by Kayseri Provincial Police Directorate Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate, Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate and District Centers Traffic Teams, 1 thousand 5 out of 367 thousand 2 vehicles were fined.
In the statement made on the subject, “Activities carried out in the Responsibility Area of ​​Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate; 1.436 vehicles and their drivers departing from the terminal were subjected to inspection by the traffic officers working at the Intercity Bus Terminal, and 3 vehicles that were found to be missing were fined. 5.367 vehicles were checked in the practices carried out in our city, and the 2.430 vehicles that were found to be deficient were processed in accordance with the relevant articles of the Highway Traffic Law numbered 2918 "
The 1323 drive exceeding the speed limit, the 252 driver in the wrong parking, the 225 driver not wearing a seat belt, the 23 driver not wearing a seat belt, the 3 vehicle without winter tire, the 150 vehicle without a vehicle inspection and the 14 driver using an alcoholic vehicle were penalized.
In the statement, “In addition, the Honorary Traffic Inspectors operating in our city prepared a report regarding 383 vehicles and the Police Services Personnel for 26 vehicles within the specified period. The prepared minutes have been translated into Traffic Administrative Fine Decision Report by our officers. With the Traffic Electronic Control System (TEDES), 289 vehicles have been penalized under the relevant articles of Law No. 2918 ”.
A total of 1 traffic accidents, 60 injured and 64 with material damage, occurred in Kayseri in a week. 124 citizens were injured in these accidents.
In the statement made by the police, it was stated that the training activities related to traffic are also continuing, “Safety belt warning studies are continued for the drivers who wait at the red lights at the intersections determined by our teams before the traffic is intense. Training seminars on safe traffic awareness continue for public and private institutions operating in our city. In a total of 6 schools (1.084) studying in Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary and High Schools, the students were given the following: “Safe Crossing Places for Pedestrians, Importance of Seat Belts, Cycle Rules in Traffic, Walking Rules on Pedestrians and Banquets, Rules for Getting on and Boarding School Buses and Passengers in Vehicles” Training seminars were given to students on "Rules to Follow, Rules of Walking Night Banquet, Safe Playgrounds, and Institutions to Apply in Case of Emergency and Telephone Numbers".
With the start-up of the Seat Belt Simulation Tool, the importance of seat belt was explained to the person at 2 different points (1.196) in practice to better understand the importance of the driver and passengers' use of seat belts, and it was demonstrated in practice. The training for vehicle users to gain the closest experience to the situation they experience when they lose control in possible accidents has been shown practically ”.
In the activities carried out in the Region Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate Responsibility Region, 5.307 vehicle was checked in traffic inspections and controls, and the administrative fine was recorded in the 1.360 driver, in which a defect or rule violation was detected. The 70 driver's license has been temporarily revoked while the 3 vehicle is being banned from traffic. A total of 7 traffic accidents, including 8 injuries and 15 damage, occurred when 44 was injured.
District Centers in the area of ​​responsibility in the activities; 643 vehicle was checked in the district centers. The 71 driver was denied traffic and the 4 driver's license was temporarily withdrawn while the 1 driver was notified of the traffic fines. A total of 1 traffic accidents, including 2 injuries and 3 injuries, have occurred in the district centers and 2 citizens were injured in these accidents.

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