Road traffic safety meeting was held

Highways traffic safety meeting was held: Highways traffic safety meeting - Highways Traffic Safety Meeting in Osmaniye. It was made under the presidency of Mehmet Oduncu.
In the meeting, the principle of making the Osmaniye inner-city traffic regulation jointly by the representatives of the police, municipality and tradesmen was adopted. Speaking at the beginning of the meeting at the Governorship Rahime Hatun Meeting Hall, Governor Dr. Mehmet Oduncu said that the issues discussed in the previous meeting will be reviewed and the issues that need to be decided will be evaluated and decided. During the rest of the meeting, Provincial Police Directorate Traffic Registration Branch Manager Orhan Aydın gave statistical information by years about the number of motor vehicles in Osmaniye, the number of driver's licenses, driver age groups, accident causes, numbers and reasons. Most accidents shape, side impact is that it is determined expressing Orhan Aydın, our province is on the Turkey of the number of accidents involving bikes and electric motorcycles average in our region, a large part of the widely used bicycle and motorcycle drivers were said to comply with traffic rules.
According to the statistics, Aydın stated that the number of accidents on two-way roads is higher, and that the vehicles traveling on one road mutually increase the accident rate, and taking this into account in urban planning will reduce the accident rates. ? Safe Tractor Use Campaign? Orhan Aydın, who also gave information about the campaign, stated that they plan to train tractor drivers within the framework of the campaign. After the presentation, a short film with the images of some accidents in Osmaniye detected by MOBESE cameras was watched.
Speaking after the presentation, Governor Oduncu, talking about the precautions to be taken in terms of traffic safety,? First of all the red light violations and speed limit with the drivers determined by the MOBESE cameras should be punished. At the intersections where the accident rate is high, we should increase the number of our traffic teams in addition to these practices. We do these practices, but when we look at the accident rates, we need to increase the measures we take. Do I believe that accident rates will decrease if we do this? said.
Noting that bicycles and electric motorcycles are more numerous among the vehicles involved in the accident and that precautions must be taken to prevent these accidents, Governor Woodcutter noted that training of bicycle and electric motorcycle users and the roads reserved for these drivers in city planning will reduce the accident rate. Stating that it would be healthier to use bicycles by taking the necessary precautions, Governor Oduncu said, `` Generalizing the use of bicycles and motorcycles in Osmaniye should be preferred both in terms of easing the city traffic and avoiding parking problems, preventing air pollution and transportation convenience and cheapness for our citizens. I'm thinking. Of course, first of all, we need to provide the necessary training to our drivers who use these vehicles, obey the use of helmets and make the ways these vehicles will use? he spoke. Governor Woodcutter, who gave the instruction to conduct a study to determine the pros and cons of spreading the use of bicycles, noted that the evaluation will be made according to the result of the study.
Safe Tractor Use Campaign? Governor Oduncu, who gave instructions to give necessary trainings throughout the province, emphasized that human life is the most important thing at the end of his words. Are we going to take all the necessary precautions for traffic safety? he said.
At the end of the meeting, other agenda items of the meeting; With the construction of a helipad in Osmaniye, the places to put parkomat in the bazaar, the determination of the stops of the public transportation vehicles, the roads to be determined as one-way and two-way roads were discussed. Stating that complaints about parking lots and roads blocked to traffic are still coming, Governor Oduncu said that the Municipality, Provincial Security Directorate and the representatives of the tradesmen in that region will come together and take the most appropriate decision. In addition, it was decided to work on the determination of suitable areas for the Helipad and evaluate them in the next meeting.
Meeting; Mayor Kadir Kara, Deputy Governor MH Nail Anlar, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Tayfun Dündar, Deputy Provincial Police Director Mustafa Erol, Provincial Mufti Ramazan Çortul, Deputy Director of Science Industry and Technology Orhan Uytun, Provincial Director of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Arslan, Provincial Director of National Education Fahri Çalık Deputy Director of Health Mehmet Bahar, Osmaniye Korkut Ata University Faculty Member Osman Yürekli, Highways 5. Alptekin Ağca, Branch Chief of the Regional Office, Cemal Kılıçarslan, the President of the Chamber of Drivers, and Abdurrahman Türkoğlu, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Osmaniye attended.




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