JetYoung is coming to your university

JetGenç comes to your university: JetGenç, the youth brand of AnadoluJet, continues its university activities this year. JETGENÇ 16 20, which will meet with students at the universities in Turkey until May, it offers two different campaign invites young people to enjoy the fly and be jetgençl.
25 April Ankara;
JETGENÇ the youngest brand of heaven, until May 16 20 Turkey's coming together with young people in different universities. JetGenç organizes activities in leading educational institutions such as Marmara University, Ege University, Konya Selçuk University and Hacettepe University. He invites all universities to become JetGenç with their unique campaigns.
17 - 25 years between the university and be a member of the youth AnadoluJet opened their doors to them JETGENÇ economic trip, young families, it demystifies the holiday region in Turkey's unique beauty and dreams.
One of the round-trip tickets that JetGencens will buy between 14 April and 20 May is free of charge with the “Bi Bilet Senden Bi Bilet Benden” campaign launched by JetGenç. Young people who want to take advantage of the campaign offer must visit the stands that JetGenç opened at university campuses and receive a personalized promotional code. With special code JetGençliler, who performs ticketing transactions, can fly advantageously in all domestic flights for their flights between 1 June and 15 July.
In addition to the classic 10 ticket 1 ticket, now both classic and they continue to win tickets to both their acquaintances and acquaintances. Teenagers who distribute phone numbers to their family and friends are entitled to a flight ticket each time their acquaintances enter their phone number and purchase their 10 ticket.
To join AnadoluJet's youth club, JetGenç, or to get advantageous flights and gift flight opportunities, on the internet, or extension can be accessed from social media accounts.
Further information about AnadoluJet's other projects, flights and campaigns The official website and 444 25 38 call center.




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