Istanbul Carbon Summit begins

Istanbul Carbon Summit started: İbrahim Çiftçi, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs stated that they are trying to fulfill their duty as a country in the fight against climate change and said, “Our forests, which held approximately 1990 million tons of carbon in 45, kept the equivalent of 2012 million tons of carbon dioxide in 61 and played an active role in the struggle, ”he said.
Istanbul Carbon Summit started at ITU Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center.
Chairman of the Summit Assoc. Dr. Etem Karakaya, 3 summit will be an important opportunity for researchers, decision makers and investors, stating that in The summit, organized in Istanbul, which unites two important continents, is planned to be repeated every year. I believe that this summit, where important steps will be taken regarding carbon management, will contribute to the sector by getting stronger every year karbon.
Istanbul Carbon Summit Youth Commission, indicating that the establishment of Karakaya, considering the climate change to be young researchers to do research is very gratifying, he said.
Etem Karakaya, who thanked to the summit sponsors especially Denizli Cement, Akçansa, Coca-Cola, Zorlu Energy Group and Bloomberg for the support of Istanbul Technical University and the Rector Mehmet Karaca due to his hosting to the summit, gave the signals that important steps will be taken at the Istanbul Carbon Summit .
Istanbul Technical University Rector Mehmet Karaca stated that they are extremely happy to host such a summit and said, “Our goal is not only to create a 'green campus' created with slogans, but to create a seriously carbon-free campus. In this sense, we are taking important steps by making various initiatives ”.
-Electric rings come into service-
Stating that Istanbul Technical University is the ler first, university, Karaca stated that their motto is “green campus Kar and added, u We have started to design electric vehicles for use on campuses. In the coming months, electrically operated rings will be put into service. This will be a first in Turkey, "he said.
Expressing their gratitude to all the public institutions and private sector representatives who supported the Istanbul Carbon Summit, Karakaya pledged to meet again at the Istanbul Carbon Summit next year.
Ibrahim Ciftci, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, noted that climate change is one of the most important global problems.
According to FAO data, annually 5 million 300 thousand hectares of forests around the world have disappeared for various reasons.
“This is an issue the whole world has to cooperate with. We carry out important studies on protecting the forest areas of our country and improving the degraded forest areas. Currently, our forest area is 21.7 million hectares. Between 2008 and 2012, afforestation activities were carried out on 2 million 429 thousand hectares of land within the scope of afforestation mobilization. Our forests, which held about 1990 million tons of carbon in 45, kept 2012 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 61 and played an active role in combating the climate. "
Çiftçi stated that they thanked everyone who organized the Istanbul Carbon Summit by bringing together decision makers on climate change, scientists and the public and private sector, and emphasized that they will always support such studies.
- Green energy for competitiveness
Mehmet Ata Ceylan, Member of the Board of Directors of ISO, stated that all countries should seek solutions to the problem of climate change, and said that we should implement strong policies for low carbon emissions.
Emphasizing that coal, oil and gas still have an important share of 80 percent in meeting the energy needs, Ceylan said, “Fossil fuels are expected to be the main fuel source in the future. As ISO, we are working on increasing the share of domestic and renewable energy in 2013-2016 ”.
Ceylan stated that renewable energy investments are of great importance in order not to lose the competitive power of the industry and said, “Supporting renewable energy with economic supports in this process will provide great gain for our country in order not to lose the competitive power of the industry. We need to meet our energy needs in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We need to increase renewable energy investments and at the same time make a total change in production and consumption habits. ISO is ready to provide all kinds of support in this regard, ”he said.
- Great support -
At the summit, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, EÜAŞ, TÜBİTAK MAM, Marmara Municipalities Association, METU Petroleum Research Center, Energy Efficiency Association, World Energy Council Turkish National Committee, Energy Economy Association, Unlicensed Electricity Producers Association, Energy and Climate Change Foundation, energy Trading Association, Association of Nuclear Engineers, Turkey Cement Manufacturers Association, International Transportation and Logistics Service Providers Association of Turkey Association of Chemical Industry, Petroleum Industry Association, Ready Mixed Concrete Association, associations such as the Association of Plastics Manufacturers, while an active part, the European Commission and the Australian Embassy Commercial EMRA and CMB support the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Economy, Environment and Urbanism, Science, Industry and Technology, Forestry and Water Affairs as well as stakeholders such as the Commission.


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