The giant shackle that will dig the Bosphorus Highway Tunnel put on the helmet of Yıldırım

The giant mole that will excavate the Bosphorus Highway Tunnel has installed the Lightning helmet: the assembly of the cutter head of the giant mole that will excavate the Bosphorus Highway Tunnel has also been completed. The tunnel will be drilled from the end of the month.
Excavation work will begin at the end of the month in the 14,6 km Eurasia Tunnel Project under the Bosphorus for Cars. The excavation of the 4-meter-deep, 40-meter-long starting box in Haydarpaşa, where the 150-storey building-height TBM (tunnel boring machine) produced in Germany will begin digging the Bosphorus, has been completed. The cutting head, the latest and heaviest part of the tunnel boring machine, which has been brought in pieces since October last year, was also installed. Testing of TBM, which is assembled and defined as 'mole', is carried out. At the end of the month, TBM will start digging 3,4 kilometers from Haydarpaşa Port to Cankurtaran under 106 meters from the Bosphorus.
The tunnel boring machine called Yıldırım Bayezid is accepted as the Rolls Royce of its class. TBMs are specially designed for Istanbul Strait ground conditions and pressure environment. The giant mole weighing one thousand 500 tons is 130 meters long. TBM cost $ 150 million with support equipment. It is noted that the tunnel, which is planned to be opened in mid-2015, will cost 1 billion 250 million dollars.

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