Ultra-luxurious Italian touch to Infiniti Q50 and QX70: Angel and Devil (Photo Gallery)

Ultra-luxurious Italian touch to Infiniti Q50 and QX70: Angel and Devil: The ultra-luxurious Infiniti Q50 and QX70 models designed by Italian furniture masters are on display at the Furniture Fair held in Milan with the theme of Angel and Devil.
Two great car designs have emerged in collaboration with the two manufacturers, luxury and performance cars manufacturer Infiniti and Italian luxury furniture manufacturer and leather processing specialist Poltrona Frau. The Infiniti Q50 and QX70 models came to life as a result of this extraordinary collaboration, the Melek and Satan dilemma.
The white colored Q2014 and black colored QX50 models exhibited at the 70 International Milan Furniture Fair were awarded at the famous furniture and leather manufacturer Poltrona Frau's facilities in Tolentino. kazanIt was designed with special techniques and materials.
The white Q50 pure hybrid engine and white leather interior trim symbolize purity, while the black black QX70 symbolizes performance with black and red leather interiors and the V8 engine.
For the QX70, the designers of Infiniti and Poltrona Frau, Pelle Frau® Soul Salomon used black leather with dark red Ribes leather. The dark red Ribes color was also used outside the car under the door and in the front grille. Dark red Ribes leather was used in the upper bars of the car. Q50, which represents the purity of the dilemma, resembles a white armored knight. The exterior color of the Q50 is Lava (light blue) with contrast Zinco.
Both colors were identified with Poltrona Fau more than otomoil. The vehicle's white satin effect rims and white leather exterior exterior mirrors are remarkable. For each vehicle, approx. 100 square meter was used. 100 different leather pieces were cut by hand from the largest to the smallest.

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