Time to invest in a second-hand car

📩 24/11/2018 11:57

Time to invest in the second-hand car: Zero-mile vehicle prices, special consumption tax and exchange rate increase due to the rise of the new year 30 percent of the increase of the second-hand car industry, due to the uncertainty in the market due to uncertainty in the price increase said that the Chairman of the Board Oguz Pala: otomobil Zero We expect to see a very low price cut between the car and the second hand from June onwards.
Ankara - It was stated that the second-hand automobile industry did not increase prices due to the uncertainty in the market, although the prices of new vehicles have increased by 30 percent since the new year due to the increase in the special consumption tax and the exchange rate.
Industry representatives expect serious increases in second-hand car prices starting from June, warned those who want to buy a car.
Stating that the prices of second-hand cars differ significantly with zero kilometers in the automobile market, Oğuz Pala, Chairman of the Board of UZL FİLO, stated that the total value added, special consumption taxes and foreign exchange rate add-on applied to the zero car is close to 189 percent of the automobile price. Pala said:
"Turkey, which is input via the 100 engine volume of 2000 thousand imported cars, the tax rates and the exchange rate difference when the customer added almost 289 thousand TL in reach. These high prices are narrowing the range of zero-kilometer car buyers day by day. Buying a zero-kilometer car is getting harder every month. For consumers, second-hand cars, which provide their buyers with a price profitability of close to 50 percent compared to a zero-kilometer car, but with almost the same comfort, are now a very economical solution.
Stating that the profitability of the second hand car will begin to decrease in the coming months, Pala said, ın We expect the price drop between the zero car and the second hand to be narrowed since June. As of June, there will be serious increases in second hand car prices. Consumers planning to buy cars should consider this time well. The opportunity to convert the car into an investment vehicle for consumers to buy used cars before June.
In the fleet leasing business that started with an 2010 vehicle at the beginning of 50 in Ankara within the Uzaltaş Companies Group in Ankara, Oğuz Pala, the young manager of UZL Filo, who reached the 2013 vehicle in 2008, warned buyers of used cars.
Emphasizing that companies should be preferred when buying second-hand cars, Pala, the element to be considered, the company's reliability, he said.

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