ICCI 2014 was opened by Energy Minister Taner Yildiz

ICCI 2014 was opened with a ceremony by Energy Minister Taner Yildiz: Minister Yıldız announced “We will build the world's largest solar power plant in Konya I
Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, ICCI 2014 - 20. In his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, he stated that they started a special study to make the world's largest solar power plant in Konya. In the Karapinar district of Konya, 3 stated that for a project of a thousand MW, a flat land will be opened, where the horizon line connects with the sky.
The opening of the ICCI 2014 Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Industry, Trade, Energy Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission President Halil Mazıcıoğlu, Parliamentary Environment Commission President Erol Kaya, EPDK Chairman Mustafa Yilmaz, MÜSI? AD Chairman Nail Olpak, ICCI Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Deputy Secretary General of MENR Selahattin Lawn, Hannover Fairs Turkey Fair General Manager Alexander Kuehnel and Sectoral Fair General Manager Süleyman Bulak attended.
Nuclear power plant
Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, said the joint nuclear power plants will be made in Turkey, "If you come in Van, domestic partners will receive a share of between 5 to 20 percent in nuclear power plants. We're going to do this for both power plants. The public may have some share. In Konya Karapınar Ayrancı region, there is a flat area where the horizon line connects with the sky. We're doing a special study there. We will open that area for the 3 thousand MW solar power plant. It's not farmland. The 600 MW of the EPDK's 9 tender came to us with a demand of XNUMX thousand MW. We're gonna build the largest power plant in the world. Transmission lines are designed accordingly. Lar He said.
If we finished the nuclear power plant 10 years ago…
Minister Taner Yildiz, two nuclear power plants were constructed in Turkey 10 7.6 billion years ago, underlining the continued import less would be made as follows:
Ilgili Our net imports are about 52 billion dollars, the 60 of it is about transportation. Despite Turkey's so much growth and production rates have increased energy-related imports. Turkey is increasing because of the economic depth. In the case of Germany, he said he would give up the nuclear two. But two weeks ago, he said he could think again, because of the crisis of Ukraine. This is not true if you manage the country with instant reflexes. We said that 10 years ago we will do the nuclear, 10 days before we do, I hope we will do 10 years later. Biz
Republican history record at 2013
Parliamentary, Industry, Trade, Energy Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission President Halil Mazıcıoğlu pointed out that the energy sector that is at the center of increasing economic development and welfare of the people in our country. He explained that energy is an important point in the planning of the future. Mazıcıoğlu continued:
Kes Energy investments in our country continued unabated. Despite the unfavorable developments in the world, the 2013 7 MW installed power of 6 billion dollars in 985 has been added and the record of our Republican history has been broken. Dün
Renewable energy “Sources of Paradise Yen
Erol Kaya, President of the Environment Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, explained that their wish was not to draw water and electricity shortages anywhere in the country. Bir We need to closely monitor the occupancy rates in our dams. My request is to use the limited opportunities in an efficient way in this difficult process. Siz Underlining that the moral dimension of the environment should not be ignored, Kaya also considers the fossil fuel sources under ground as li Hell Fuels Çevre. He describes the skies as Enerji Paradise Energy Sources Gö. He added that water resources such as solar and wind are essential sources of heaven.
Energy Exchange will be opened soon
EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yilmaz licenses will begin to be implemented, many of the projects will become more inclusive of national and international energy trade in Turkey, natural gas will increase the private sector's share in imports, when soon the consumers better quality services will and energy exchanges shared the information will be established.
Energy is not the scapegoat of the current account deficit
Nail Olpak, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MÜSI? Emphasized that we have a habit of constantly adding energy deficit to the statements about the current account deficit. Sürekli Maybe I'll say a little exaggeration, although the current account deficit will not come to the point, if not the energy demand. We do not find the right use of these two concepts as such, we should prevent this. The only reason for the current account deficit is not energy, we must save energy from being a scapegoat. Ebi
In his speech, Ömer Cihad Vardan, the President of the Economic Development Foundation, pointed out the importance of the Ukrainian crisis in Europe and stated that we witnessed the struggle of those who have the energy in our region and those who want to use the energy.
ICCI Executive Committee Chairman and MENR Deputy Undersecretary Selahattin after China's energy demand growth in Turkey in the Grass speech pointed out that the second country in the world, was passed last year 6 850 thousand MW now they added. . This year we added 450 MW power. Our goal is to have these sources of renewable energy. Ama
General Manager of Sectoral Fairs Süleyman Bulak in his speech 20 1994 years ago, the first time the organization of the ICCI 20 64 installed capacity of around 1000 thousand 20 thousand MW reached today, he stressed. During the XNUMX, Bulak said, erj We have taken our energy from the energy. After that, we will implement them in a more qualified environment. Bundan
the largest and most comprehensive exhibition and conference for energy and environment in the geography where Turkey is located within the ICC xnumx'nc year 2014 the most powerful national and international, include the most important energy companies. The fair, which is expected to be close to a thousand visitors, will make the heart of the world energy sector 20 in Istanbul during the day.
ICCI 2014 - 20. International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız was inaugurated by the ceremony. Istanbul Fair Center will be held in five different halls for three days at the summit of energy names and executives will participate in the important names.


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