World record with lawn mower (Photo Gallery)

World record with Hondden lawnmower: The world's largest internal combustion engine manufacturer Honda, the 1000 cc motorized lawn mower speed record broke. In 2015, Honda will return to Formula 1 with a VTR Firestorm's engine, bringing a lawnmower to a speed of 187,60 km / h.
Last year, 27 400 thousand automobiles, motorcycles and power products produced by Honda, VTR Firestorm motorcycle 109 HP 1000 cc engine with a lawn mower 187,60 km / h speed of the record entered the Guiness World Record.
Honda will be returning to Formula 2015 in 1, and continues to record the speed and performance of its motorsport in every field. Honda UK has assigned its Team Dynamics team to the UK Touring Automobile Championship for its speed record test. The Honda HF2620 lawnmower has been completely rebuilt from the engine, producing a completely new chassis, as well as an 1000 cc engine from the Honda VTR Firestorm. The team that made a great effort to keep the original lawnmower image in mind produced the body from carbon fiber and used the grass tank as a fuel tank, high capacity oil cooler and secondary water cooler. The wheels were taken from an ATV. Despite being redesigned, the team managed to maintain the ability to mow the lawn, for which an electric engine capable of performing an 4000 cycle per minute.
0-100 km / h acceleration only in 4 seconds
The engineering work carried out had the power of 140 HP per tonne beyond the 109 HP power and 96 Nm torque data for 532 kg weight. The 4 km / s is the maximum speed of the lawnmower when the 0 reaches a speed of 100 km / h in just seconds.
The officers in charge of keeping the time in the 100 speed range were measuring the speed of the lawn mower in both directions, and the average of the speeds in both directions, 187 km / h, entered the Guiness Book of Records. However, before the record was recorded, they also checked whether the machine was capable of mowing a lawn. Thus, the lawn mower developed by Team Dynamics reached a higher speed than the previous record 109 km / h with the 1000 cc engine on the 46,25 HP day.



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