Restoring Historic Koyunbaba Bridge

📩 24/11/2018 12:08

The historical Koyunbaba Bridge is being restored: Restoration work has started on the Koyunbaba Bridge, which is the longest bridge built by the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia and is built by Sultan Beyazıt, in the Osmancık district of Çorum.
The restoration of the bridge, which was first brought to the agenda in 2010 and presented to the minister of the period as a file, was tendered in 2013. Making a statement on the subject, AKP Çorum Deputy Cahit Bağcı said, “In addition to being the longest bridge built by the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia, the bridge, which is included as the second Beyazıt Bridge in Ottoman archive records, also has an important feature in the Ottoman road network. " said.
Stating that the bridge has a very important place in the historical Silk Road, Bağcı noted that Osmancık district is an important crossing point. “The World Empire felt the need to build a bridge over Kızılırmak here. In addition to this information, Prophet Muhammad, who was loved by the people of the region and provided moral support in the construction of the bridge. Koyunbaba's name was also given to the bridge by the local people. The bridge has 17 eyes, with one main eye and eight plus eight on the right and left sides, and is 7,5 meters wide and 250 meters long. The faulty restoration process, which was carried out about 30 years ago, caused the stones to be plastered, but the plasters were deformed over time, as the original stones had to come into contact with air. In this restoration, the bridge will be restored in accordance with its original form and will be brought to tourism. " used the expressions.

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