Historic Asar Bridge was destroyed by treasure hunters

The historical Asar Bridge was destroyed by treasure hunters: The Roman Asar Bridge, located on the Büyük Menderes River, 2 kilometers from the Dayılar Village of Denizli's Denizli District, was destroyed by treasure hunters.
During the Roman period, Apamea, Eumenia, Peltea, Lounda, Mossyna, Hierapolis and Laodikya were used as one of the bridges that provide passage on the trade routes, and the treasure hunters looking for gold and historical artifacts on the arched ancient bridge, which is 55 meters and 3 centimeters wide, are damaging the historical bridge. İbrahim Varol, one of the residents of Dayılar Village, said: “There is a false narration about the bridge. In the region, the word 'Amine Hatun, a tin of gold that has been put on its own' is common for this bridge. Some people believe this word and constantly search for treasures by digging under the bridge, on its walls. History is a pity. Until recently, they made the bridge, which was easily passed by motor vehicles, made the accident unusable. We cannot protect our history. It is a pity to the historical Asar Bridge. ”
On the other hand, it was noted that the historical bridge was restored and strengthened several times between the years of 1700-1900. It was emphasized that the bridge, which was widely used in the Republican period, was damaged due to illicit diggings in recent years.


Günceleme: 21/12/2018 17:19

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