Train tickets in Holland

Train tickets at Holland: Train travelers will pay more each day than they paid today for the tickets they pay today (spits). On the other hand, tickets will be cheaper at low hours (dives) when traffic is not intense.

Algemeen Dagblad newspaper in Wednesday, the news, Infrastructure and Environment Minister Wilma Mansveld'in (PvdA) NS (Dutch Railways) with the new transport agreements with this decision was stated. NS has started work to offer the so-called new ticket prices tariff.

Flexible operation

Mansveld, who made a statement to the newspaper, said that they would like to encourage passengers who do not have to travel during the hours of arrival, for example, flexible staff (flexwerken), to travel during calm hours.

The Consumers Association is expected to express an opinion on the new plan. At the same time, we are considering the implementation of flexible prices for freight transportation.

In addition, if a malfunction occurs, the NS will also provide passengers with another alternative means of transport within an hour. High-speed trains between the cities until the night 01.00'ya decided to make a voyage. Nowadays, these trains do not travel after midnight.

High fines

In addition, Mansveld also wants to increase the maximum fine that NS will receive if it does not perform properly.

He added that these fines should not be used as an excuse to disrupt the investments. “We aim to return the fines we have given as government back to the passengers. But we want to think about how to provide exactly this together with the unity of consumers, '' he said.

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