Hakkari Medeni does not pass through Sancar Street

Hakkari Medeni does not pass the Sancar Street: In Hakkari, the 7 does not give way to the street where a separate road intersects and covers a wide area.
There are no signs in the center of the street, which is located on the Menedin Sanca Street in Hakkari, near the Hakkari-Van highway, which provides transportation of many neighborhoods. Drivers and pedestrians arriving in the middle of the street, which covers a large area, face major challenges here. It was stated that serious traffic accidents could occur if a measure was not taken in Medeni Sancar Street where many material damage accidents occurred in different years.
İlvı Taşkın, the muhtars of Daggöl District, showing the danger on the Sancar Street, stated that the large area within the avenue constitutes a great danger for the traffic and that the highways are 11. He addressed the authorities of the Regional Directorate. Flood, burada There is a big road hub on this street and there are no signs here. Since 7 is a separate way of separating, neither pedestrians know where to go. Because the area is large, sometimes there are also materially damaged traffic accidents. Almost all of the city, especially Hakkari-Van highway, uses this road. The road is Hakkari Roads 114. It is located in the Branch Chief Network. Highways 11. Our request from the Regional Directorate urgently takes this street to take precautions. If the measures are not taken here, then the highways will be responsible for the accidents that may occur here. Ön
Hakkari Highways 114. Officials from the branch office confirmed that the aforementioned street was dangerous and stated that they started the necessary works to take measures on this street as soon as possible.

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